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A club trip to Port Ghalib, Egypt

















June 2019 saw a group of divers from Mansfield and District Scuba Diving Club venture to Port Ghalib, just outside Marsa Alam in Egypt, for a fortnight of diving and relaxation. The group included a few experienced veterans but there was also a good smattering of newly trained divers, for whom this was their first overseas diving trip. What an experience it was! 

With the odd exception, this was the first time club members have been to this Egyptian resort. However the club have many happy memories diving in Sharm with Emperor Divers, so it was an easy decision to choose them again as the dive operator for this trip. As usual, Emperor did not disappoint us and throughout the fortnight the group was able to benefit from being the sole guests on a boat which was brilliant.  Emperor Skye even had the benefit of a tail lift to get divers out of the water, which is unusual for the Red Sea and very welcome.

Having trained at the local pool, 8 Acre Lake and Stoney Cove during some of the very cold weather this year, the new divers loved the freedom and ease of diving in a wet suit, or even just in their swimwear! During the fortnight the group had the opportunity to spend a while with a very chilled out Dugong, as well as being mesmerised by shoals of beautiful fish, gorgeous turtles, barracuda and the odd blue spotted stingray.  Adding to this the beautiful clear waters and colourful coral, the pay off for their hard work was plain for all to see.

The newer divers in the group are now well on their way to training for Club Diver and are keen to get back in the water as soon as possible. Congratulations go to Stacey Cody, Michael Scott, Winnie Tang, Gareth Sparrow and Melanie Haskell who all significantly improved their skills during the period of intense diving. 

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