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A day's diving at Stoney Cove

Paul and I enjoy a couple of dives at Stoney Cove. We enter the water from the bus stop and then swim down the slope to the drop off. We turn left and along the edge at 35 meters until we find the pile of rocks.

Turning left again, we go to the old school bus and Paul has a swim through whilst I play with my new camera. It is then off to the Stanegarth and a swim aft along the hull towards the stern. Then we are off to the tug boat Defiant. From there we swim on to the Transit Van and the Wessex Helicopter. There is a lot to see in Stoney Cove!

Then we start our ascent, doing the safety stops along the way, and out we pop near the wall. Then it’s off to the cafe for the well earned drink and a bacon butty.


Our second dive is as rewarding and enjoyable as our first of the day.


Many more dives to follow throughout the year, both here in the UK and around the world.

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